Stacey Jay Kelly

Stacey Jay Kelly is an English illustrator who began digital design as part of a travelling T-shirt printing company. Creating custom digital artwork in the presence of customers accelerated the performance of her imagination. Stacey then became involved with several street art organisations, creating large street art at city events using fully biodegradable materials. Stacey then studied Animation & Illustration developing her digital art skills and fuelling a wider knowledge of creative formats. She can now apply these skills to a range of mediums from inventing character designs to educational infographics. Her interest in presenting information visually landed Stacey within the BBC Learning infographics team. It was here that her knowledge of contemporary vector design was amplified and her imagination became fully integrated with digital techniques. Working under the title Squiddle Ink, Stacey has built a worldwide roster of clients and has a vivid understanding of audience driven illustration. Although she is effective within the confines of a trend-bound style guide, Stacey is also able to make bold steps that challenge archetypal boundaries. She loves illustrating stories and game concepts and the amalgamation of fine drawing skills and design software, allowed her to realise her dream of becoming a full time artist.

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