Nahum Ziersch

Nahum Ziersch was born and raised in South Australia. From a very young age he knew he wanted to draw for a living, surrounded by very artistic parents who encouraged and nurtured his passion and saw a future for him in drawing. As a kid he would watch early 80’s cartoons in his PJ’s, devour comics and create his own imaginative worlds, drawing unique characters. Nahum majored in Illustration at University and currently works full time as a freelance illustrator, working with both Australian and overseas clients. His main areas of work include book publishing, sports graphics, comic art and Game concept/background design. Some of his more major projects have included the Adelaide Thunderbirds logo, the 2007 FINA Swimming Championships mascot design, numerous junior book covers and internal art for Penguin Random house, Blake Publishing and Scholastic and various cover pieces for Decay Comic. He has also produced numerous background designs & game artwork for titles such as Jetpack Joyride, Band Stars and Oscura. Whilst also delivering work for TV content such as Figaro Pho and other animated produced adverts. Nahum still has a mad passion for creating quirky, expressive characters, and his love of sports is driving his sports graphics work in to greater heights.

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