Marcos Galisteo

Marcos Galisteo was born in Madrid, in 1992. In 2017 he moved to London, where he lives and works. Graduated in Fine Arts from in Madrid, he also studied the contemporary dance, theatre and singing. After finishing his career, he decided to continue the investigation of his own artistic language, exploring and gathering the interesting possibilities in drawing, painting and illustration. In 2017 he began to work with Spanish editorials, making and illustrating poetry books and picture books. In their works, he offers an intimate and personal point of the human being portrayed, a concrete story, an inner sensation that is discovered through the images. Lost looks, unfinished faces, faded bodies. Each image travel between something that hides and something that exposes, through sharp sensuality or degraded innocence. His relationship with the world of dance and the performing arts also appears in his images, taking care about the movement of compositions, the relationship between the body, elements and space, and the metaphors that are created through the actions of the portrayed humans.

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