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They say a picture says more than a thousand words, and we think...

3D, or three-dimensional illustrations center around objects, that would otherwise appear flat to the human eye and make them look three-dimensional. Because 3D art allows for various dimensions to be represented, this kind of art has a lot of depth. If you’re looking for illustrations that seem to be jumping off the paper this style is the way to go.
Mirko Càmia


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Mirko Càmia

Mirko Càmia is a italian illustrator based in Milan, skilled in 2d/3d illustrations for Editorial Magazine and Advertising. He has exhibited in italy and Costa Rica, has contributed to some speeches for the presentation of Adobe and Creative Pro Show X and and taught at the University of Architecture of Venice.

The fundamental point in his work is the concept, always used with the greatest detail possible, launching increasingly strong and direct messages. Some clients: Kraft, Datch, Nike, Adobe, Estrella Damm, Galbusera, Gusto Robusto, MTV Europe, Kuehne + Nagel, Ellisse Publisher and more...

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