The Ultimate Guide of Illustration Briefs

They say a picture says more than a thousand words, and we think...


We showcase a vast network of illustrators. Being that we are an agency with a diverse list of artists, we receive a lot of requests to hire our illustrators. There are a number of details that we need to take into consideration in order for us to give our clients a precise quote. This guide will help anyone who wants to delve deep into the specifics of their project when writing an illustration brief.
It goes without saying that this is really important to know how many illustrations you need. Even if it’s just one image, we have to be made aware.

Be clear about the details of each and every image. This will apprise the complexity of the image to the illustrator and since every illustrator has his own unique method of getting the job done, it can significantly affect the amount of time required to finish the project.

Do you desire an A4 print or are you interested in a wall-sized mural? Maybe, you’re working on an e-book and know about the sizing of the illustration beforehand. This information must be provided at the beginning of the project to avoid the pitfall of incorrect formatting. It can add an extra cost to the illustration if we need to change the size and alter the image once it’s been signed off.
It’s always really helpful if you already have a mood board of colours, styles and context or a rough sketch that you can include in your brief. Whatever details can make things clearer to the illustrator will be of great help. It will help the illustrator visualise your idea.

Include illustrations from the artists' portfolio to help get a sense of the style you’re going to achieve. Not all artists follow a single style. If any image in the illustrator’s portfolio caches your attention, show it to us and we’ll notify the illustrator.

It’s very important to be clear about the timeline of the project. All of our illustrators will firstly produce a rough sketch for our clients' approval. This is, essentially, a crude form of the final product. This is the preliminary stage of the entire process.

Once you have given us the go-ahead for the final product, our illustrators will immediately start working towards it. They will make sure that the final illustrations are provided to you by your stated deadline. However, if you want the final illustrations in a hurry, it will cost you a lot more than the normal fee to cover more of the artists time.
Every artist has his own unique way of doing things. Depending upon the complexity of the style, an artwork can take from one to several days to complete. Since the whole process demands time and creative space, we must accommodate the artist as much as we can.

There are three subjects to cover when dealing with illustration licensing. Where you’ll use the images, the time you’ll use them and the territory.

It’s important to cover where you’ll use the illustrations. Examples of this are in print media, on products or online on the internet including social media.

You’ll need to specify the location (global or domestic). You might want to consider as an example that eBooks are visible globally, whereas the hard-copy may only be permitted to circulate within your country.

It often confuses people as to how long they’ll need to license the illustrations. However, it’s an important one that needs a clear answer. If you want to buy an exclusive life time license of the images i.e. buy them forever, it can be arranged. Keep in mind that the original illustrator will retain the copyrights of the images irrespective of the origin of the concept behind them. If you’ve authored a book for the first time, and you’re trying to save money, you might want to consider a short-term license to accommodate your budget.

Giving us the outline of your financial budget helps us to negotiate the price of the illustrations with the illustrators within your financial range, where possible.
If you’ve failed to provide us with an approximate budget, we’ll simply quote market rates. If you have any other further queries or questions please get in touch and our agents will happily assist you.