Darko Mitrovic

Illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and self-taught comic artist from Belgrade. Illustration has been an inextricable part of me for over eight years now - on, in reality, my whole time on this world, but with certain interludes. I spent almost two decades in total on radio and television, all the while behind the scenes creating and illustrating film and theater posters, in addition to book covers for publishers (including for children's books). Furthermore, I collaborated with diffirent companies gaining valuable knowledge and experience that has helped me immensely. For many years now I've been venturing through my inner self by means of my creative work, fusing together a multitude of aspects from both comic drawings and pop art. Each work of mine is a message in itself, something I would refer to as a "digital wall". On a closer look, you'd sense the spirit of street art, embellished with authenticity and a unique, creative touch. Above all and most importantly, you can perceive it was made with a whole lot of passion and love.

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