Caroline Vermeir

Caroline Vermeir is based in Antwerp. She's a self-employed designer and illustrator, professional nutcase and colour junkie. Her work focuses on 3D illustration and digital painting, bold colours and lively atmosphere. You can call her Caro. She loves creating visual magic that sticks and makes people wonder. That little mission called a Master's degree in Fine Arts was accomplished in 2012 at Sint Lucas Antwerp. She has been freelancing since 2015 and has 5 years of experience in the graphic design industry. Whenever Caro's not drawing or designing (which is never) she skates on ice, sings and goofs basically all the time, learns to play the drums, dives in VR (not literally) or watches Back To The Future for the kazillionth time. Her absolute dream is to make a movie poster for Hollywood one day.

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